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Writing a college essay that wins the hearts of admissions committee members is of utmost importance. You may not realize that, but when there are two students with similar scores and talents, it is the personal statement that helps one of them stand out. If you want to be the lucky one, you should consider using our professional college essay writing service.

It’s a little price to pay for your dream to come true. Just imagine how proud your friends and family will be seeing you move forward with your education. Do not miss a rare chance to build a strong foundation for your whole life. Choose our college essay writing help and make a statement to the world. Don’t let your dreams be just dreams – it’s time to go after them.

Benefits of Our College Essay Writing Help

If you want to get a college essay help that screams professionalism, you are in the right place. Take a look at our multiple benefits to see why you should entrust your education dreams to us.


We take a personalized approach

We understand that every student has distinct character traits, talents, and aspirations. That is why we take a personalized approach to every customer. Do other companies collect information about your education, hobbies as well as values? They just take your money and deliver a generic paper while we take time to learn about you to deliver the best college essay help.


We provide original contentn

Our writers create an original content that is bound to impress the admissions officers, they deliver a kind of college essay help tailored specifically to your personality and do not use templates from the internet. When writing your college essay, we develop compelling hooks and highlight your most winning traits. Your college application will truly stand out in the sea of similar thoughts and sentence structures.


We follow a logical structure

The structure is not just about five paragraphs. It is also about the way your paper flows, how smooth the transitions are and how logical the order is. You will never have to worry about it with us. Order our college essay help online and get a paper where everything just clicks. The admissions officers will for sure appreciate the clarity and coherence of your essay.


We proofread multiple times

Our experts are well aware that even a minor punctuation error can destroy a student’s chances of getting into their dream university. That is why when you order college help online with us, you can be confident that your personal statement will be checked many times before the delivery. If you want your paper to be even more polished, we also offer editing and proofreading services.

What Makes Us Different from Other Companies? Other Online Companies
We take a customized approach to every customer. They write generic papers devoid of any personality.
We check your paper multiple times before the delivery. No error would ever slip through with us. They send your college essay unchecked, full of grammar, punctuation and stylistic mistakes.
We stay in touch 24/7, answering every question and addressing your every concern. They are unreachable, no matter what time it is. You worry every day about your order.
I never thought an online company would do such a fantastic job. Thanks to you, I don’t have to waitress anymore. Now I can focus on my studies because guess what? I got that scholarship! Amanda Brown, Ann Arbor, MI, USA.
Writing Your College Essay for Any Major

What is so special about us? We created a college essay writing service that adjusts to the specific needs of every applicant. Here is how we can ensure that your admissions essay will be written with your interests and personality in mind.

Proficient writers

There is one thing you can be sure of – your personal statement will be written by a proficient expert in the desired discipline. Many of our writers have been admissions officers themselves. So, they are truly capable of crafting a compelling college essay that would not leave the committee indifferent.

Amazing support

We do not just forget about our customers after they place the order. We are available round the clock for you and solve issues quickly and efficiently. So, if you are having a problem, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always seeking to find the most customer-oriented solution. No more worries!

Help Me Write My College Essay Stat

Some students refer to us when there is almost no time left. However, it is not a problem with us because we are trained to provide a high-quality college essay writing service regardless of the deadline.

Our writers work fast

Many of our writers have worked with us for over 10 years. So, your “help me write my college” request is a piece of cake for them. Even if there are only 4 hours left, we can take the matter into our hands and produce an original, logical and engaging college essay that would certainly safeguard you a spot in the University of your Dream.

Our writers care much

You won’t see our experts send you a half-baked personal statement without a touch of creativity. They know what’s important in a college essay, and they would never violate their own principles for a quick profit. Our experts care about each and every one of you, as they know from their own experience how important a college essay is.

“I didn’t want to order my college essay with you at first, but your lovely support agents convinced me to give it a go. I can state with confidence that this is the best online help I have ever used. Your writer did a great job and in addition to that he was always quick to respond and dispel my concerns” Jeremy Davis, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Writing a College Essay with Guarantees

Take a look at our guarantees to see why you should trust our company. We’ve worked for years, perfecting our services every day, and now we can confirm that we deliver impeccable college help regardless of the deadline, the discipline, and any other external circumstances.

Guarantee # 1: No plagiarism

There are many samples of college essays floating around the internet, but we can guarantee that our experts would never submit one of them as their own.

Every college essay is written entirely from scratch, taking the information about each student into account. You are sure to get a paper where your best qualities are displayed in an absolutely original manner. It will always be genuine and authentic.

Guarantee # 2: Thorough research

Our experts do thorough research before writing. You can be confident that your personal statement will fit the University of your Choice like a glove.

We do not just do research on the student, even though it’s extremely important for us to know their personality, aspirations and prominent talents. But we also do thorough research on universities, as their preferences and expectations differ a lot.

Guarantee # 3: Money back

We strive to provide the best service on the market, but bad things may happen to the best of us. That’s why we offer our clients a money back guarantee.

First of all, you need to know that you can have unlimited revisions within 10 days after the order delivery. Within the same timeframe, you may also apply for a refund in case you were not happy about your order. Our manager will resolve the situation.

Please note that such cases are very rare, as our satisfaction rates reach a groundbreaking 95 %. However, we are always open to your complaints.

Order a college essay and do not let your dreams be dreams. Everything is possible with the best writing service on the market.

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