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Being a Teen and a Teacher: Is It Possible?

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The idea of teaching should not scare you to death if you really like to give some knowledge to younger (or maybe older) generations. Whether giving lessons to your younger brother or sister or pull up a neighbor kid in some subject or altogether, these skills will definitely be in use in the future when leading your professional life as, basically, anyone.

Intimacy vs Isolation: Is There Any Right Solution?

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If you feel an urgent need to open all your hopes and dreams as well as worries and sorrows to some person or just close yourself from everyone in this world – congratulations! Now you have started a stage 6 according to the theory of Erik Erikson, an American psychologist.

Writing a Perfect Lab Report in Physics, Personal Guide

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Among other school subjects this one has always seemed to be the most demanding and severe. Nevertheless, everything that is somehow connected with science, is also extremely interesting as it deals with our world and its processes. Through various experiments we acquire new knowledge about the surroundings and it is truly intriguing. Did you ever want to understand how the light transfers through our atmosphere and why is it considered to be the fastest among everything possible?

Writing a Paper About Emmanuel Kant and His Philosophical Scoops in Metaphysics


Let’s imagine you have been asked to write a paper about the most influential philosopher in the Western World. Who comes to your mind? Nietzsche? Socrates? Maybe Descartes? What about the most famous one among metaphysicians and the whole world? Let’s talk about Immanuel Kant – the author of “The Critique of Pure Reason” as well as many other crucial works on religion, ethics, morality, freedom and other crucial questions of humanity.

Descriptive Essay Tips

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Remember one time when you were young and were trying to retell your mom the book you have just read. This is the first time in your life you had sort of articulated a descriptive essay in a form of a speech. Now you will learn a little more about it.

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