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The main issue of many similar companies is that they do not have a good number of options to meet all academic needs students may face. This is the main reason why people stop ordering papers with them, as it is truly not that comfortable to pay different companies, which promise to do an essay for you cheap and fast. So, you may be asking now 'Why are you sure that you can write my paper for me better than other companies' experts?' We are on the market for more than 7 years already and we know what students need based on evidence: apart from writing various essays, they often come for projects, presentations and other types of papers on various subjects. To make our affordable service the most comfortable for you, we have applied the needed adjustments and now offer a much wider variety of options.

What You Can Order with Us Today

There is a set of 5 main writing services we offer. They define the type of help offered and the amount of work needed to be performed by your personal writer. It is important for you to remember that we are maximally flexible while meeting the demands of our valuable clients. This means that if for some reason you need to combine a few services for one order, this will definitely be possible.

Writing from Scratch

'I want a professional to write my paper for me, and I need it really urgently!' If you have completely no time to take care of your paper and you have no idea on how to even start it, this opportunity is just for you. Our pro can start writing it right now, just the way you need! The only thing we ask you to do for us is providing a set of instructions for your particular order. In them you can specify what exactly you expect to get. Our anti-plagiarism policy guarantees that the work will feature 100% originality. So, don't include such phrases as “Could you please write my essay for me now, according to all my demands and general academic requirements?” This is one of the key principles of our experts' performance.

Proofreading Option

Students often skip proofreading before submission of the writing completed. This brings them poor grades just because of spelling and grammar issues. According to the Technical Editor’s Eyrie research, the common proofreading speed is around 20 pages per hour. That is not much. Thus, what is the point of paying for proofreading we can do for you? The main argument here is high quality. While you proofread your own writing, you still can miss some important mistakes due to lack of knowledge or attention. When a professional writer looks through your paper, they will definitely notice all the errors and correct them. So, you will not lose grades for some minor issues in your essay.

Editing Option

'Why should I pay for editing if it takes just a few tens of minutes?' This is a question that probably comes into a student’s mind. Are you sure that it takes much less than writing itself? Microsoft Word has an option that allows you to see how much time you spend on editing your paper. Check the statistics and we bet you will not trust your eyes! According to the Technical Editor’s Eyrie, it takes 1 hour to edit 4-6 pages. This is what we actually offer. So, if you order this very service, we are allowed to change or/and replace up to 30% of the text you have written in your draft. Thus, for example, if you have 12-page long paper and you need it to be edited, you will save more than 2 hours of your time with the guarantee of the brilliant outcome. Moreover, we offer affordable editing service, so you will not need to pay a lot!

Rewriting Option

This service combines both writing and correcting. When availing it, you will need to provide us with a set of the task requirements as well as with the draft of a paper you have completed yourself. What we can do is changing up to 70% of the content with the aim of improving it and making it meet all the demands set. It is necessary to keep in mind: we cannot guarantee that you will get a completely unique essay as an outcome, since we cannot be sure of originality of your outline. If you want to check whether your paper contains no plagiarisms, you can order a Turnitin report. The only thing we are responsible for is the part our writer completes for you. Why is it good to pay for such rewriting service? It will be pleasantly cheaper for you. And still, you can get major changes made to it.

“I want to improve my writing skills, so every time I need to write an essay for college, I try to complete it, and then come to Wedoessay.com asking them to rewrite the text for me. Thus, I see my mistakes and learn not to make them any more”, Richard Ritter, New York, NY, USA
Wedoessay.com Other Online Companies
As there are special services for such purposes, we specialize in working with such papers. There are no options of such kind, so a company will not be able to complete your order properly.
We have writers, experienced in this type of non-academic writing. They know all techniques needed to complete your order. Regular academic writers work on such orders, so they are not well-aware of the specific demands for such types of papers.
Our service can adjusted to any demands for business papers. The prices to be selected are fair and fixed. They usually do business writing in accordance with requirements for academic writing.
“Once I have ordered a resume at Wedoessay.com and they have delivered a perfect one! I was always feeling comfortable about sharing my personal details, as they have a privacy policy for writing papers”, Alexandra Lee, Ocean City, MD, USA
Write My Paper on a Special Subject!

If you need something different from a common essay, but at its usual price, you are at the right website. 'Will you write my paper for me by these weird guidelines from my prof?' We are ready to cope with practically any task successfully, so here you can safely pay for your essay, term paper, case study, etc.,on any subject.

Technical Writing

Usually, if you are a student with a technical major, you are more likely to get something really different from a normal writing task. According to the research carried out by Joshua Wright for Forbes, based on the labor market data and job posting analytics from EMSI, Engineering is the most popular college major. Most of companies have nothing to offer such students. But on our website you can order a great paper even if there will be more numbers and pictures than letters.

Writing for Humanities Students

We also write essays on multiple Humanities disciplines. We know that these works usually require you to do very thorough research and do a serious analysis of your theoretical or practical findings. But that is what your personal expert writer will do for you. If necessary, you can give us some guidelines for it. Even if your paper requires some illustrations, tables, graphs, etc., they can be added easily. Just make sure that you have indicated all the requirements in Instructions.

Do My Essay Cited Properly or Write a Paper of a Specific Type for Me

There are practically no limitations to your demands from our side. Check the citation styles and types of files you can request for when placing your order!

Variety of Citation Styles

We offer MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, and Harvard referencing for materials. However, you should not think that our writers heard nothing about Oscola referencing type etc. You can also select “Not Applicable” for the paper citation style and upload the guideline, so the writer will follow the correct citation requirements.

Types of Files Possible

You can pay for your papers and power point presentations while filling in the order form. Besides, we work with Excel projects, some specific program files, as well as with online multiple choice exams. Just do not be shy to ask! Such specific things will not cost much more than regular cheap essays.

“Once I needed someone to help me with challenging task on Statistics, as there was a usage of SPSS program required. Wedoessay.com assured me that they can cope with this order and they did! I really appreciate this, since the company saved my time and nerves”, Alice Cooper, Baltimore, MD, USA

How to Ask You to Write My Essay for Me Online? Solutions for Specific Cases

There is no wonder that some specific requests may arise. Our company can manage such probable situations easily. Here is some information about a few possible cases. If you have not found the solution here, you can always contact support team!

Case #1: A Few Services for a Single Essay

“I have a prompt for my paper, so I want you to edit the prompt before writing the rest. Thus, I need 3 pages of my essay edited and the other 4 pages written from scratch”

In such case you should pay for the writing from scratch service and select 4 pages. After that, please contact a support team representative to get a payment link to your e-mail and to pay for 3 pages we must edit for you.

Case #2: Writer’s Sample

“Can I see what your expert wrote before to make sure his or her writing style is okay for me?”

There is a "writer’s sample" option in order form. For a few extra dollars you will get a one-page sample from your writer’s previous works. To make the procedure fair, our system generates this page from the orders completed by this very specialist.

Case #3: Plagiarism Report Requirement

“I want you to send me a plagiarism report together with my paper”

We always guarantee that our expert will write your essay from scratch. However, if you want to see the Turnitin report, you can pay for it as well. The report will not be the regular one. It will show the similarities level based on Turnitin database, but will never save the text to that database.

“I never have issues with my papers completed with this service. I ask for a Turnitin report to make sure that no similarities will be detected by my professor, and I always get 0% similarities. It is good to have a company to write my papers online with no copying”, Mark Bove, Washington DC, USA

There is nothing bad in replenishing ranks of contented customers – we deserve it. You deserve it.

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