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Essay About Human Rights: Get it Right!

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Multiracial Group

No matter how privileged is your birth, you must understand that there are always issues that concern the infringement of human rights in all of the world. You could tackle any of these problems in your original essay, considering you make a thorough research beforehand. Even if your teacher did not specifically assign you such a topic, you could always choose it, as it will show how dedicated, compassionate and serious you are. Not to mention, that you will find out a lot of thought-provoking information while researching, that may even change your mind on important issues too. Here is an article to help you with this topic.

Motivation to Boost You

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The work will be slow and tedious, if you do not provide yourself with some motivation. Good grades are often the motivation that school offers, but you could also motivate yourself by thinking about these points on why you need to write such a paper.

Making Yourself Heard

If you are part of a minority or a group of people whose rights are infringed, now is your chance to write out all the things that have been bothering you lately. Writing about the issues that concern you will not only be immensely therapeutic, but will also make you heard, at least in your class. Do not miss this chance and talk about the important things!

Amplifying Voices


If you do not feel like a part of a group with infringed rights, you can also use this chance to write about human rights, because you do not have to be the cause to support the cause. However, make sure to be responsible and do not overstep. Even if you are an ally, your voice should not be louder than that of the oppressed people who can speak for themselves.

Getting to the Core

Sometimes we do not know why some problems appear in our society. A great boost for you will be the idea that you will research the topic in question thoroughly and you will be able to participate in debates concerning it, or state out your point of view providing necessary background resources so as to be persuasive to the listener.

Basic Ideas

Human rights is not a light topic. There are many issues and concerns, topics and dilemmas. Here are some topics that you could write about, based on categories. Choose something that is interesting to you personally and stick to it. Here are some further reading on the topic.

Women’s Rights

Even though some people falsely believe that gender equality has already been achieved this is not the case at all. Such issues as the wage gap, control over reproductive rights, women in the positions of authority, representation of women in the media and many other still exist. For example, the wage gap is the issue of women getting less pay for the same job than men do. Women of color get even less, and that is something to concern yourself with. Only by bringing awareness to such issues we can begin to fight them.

Rights of Children


Children’s rights can be infringed too. Nowadays, it is unthinkable that in schools corporal punishment was used and children could be physically punished for doing something wrong. The rights of children concern keeping them safe from abuse, allowing them freedom of expression, and right to provision. You can dwell on any topic, providing data and statistics. Make your essay stand out by comparing the rights of children historically, or the rights of children in different countries. This data will not only be interesting for your teacher, but also your groupmates.

Rights of Disabled People

However sad it may sound, not all people have the same equal opportunities as others. That is why human rights are needed worldwide. Indeed, if you are disabled, you may have difficulties getting access to certain places or get permission to do some activities if you are physically impaired. At the same time, people with disabilities face attitudinal barriers in every day lives, and are often depressed because of it. We also should not forget that disability transcends only the physical aspect, and people with mental issues also face difficulties in getting their rights respected.

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