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Writing a Perfect Lab Report in Physics, Personal Guide

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Among other school subjects this one has always seemed to be the most demanding and severe. Nevertheless, everything that is somehow connected with science, is also extremely interesting as it deals with our world and its processes. Through various experiments we acquire new knowledge about the surroundings and it is truly intriguing. Did you ever want to understand how the light transfers through our atmosphere and why is it considered to be the fastest among everything possible?

Have you ever inquired why is our planet so dependable on the moon and how the attractive force influences our life? All these questions can be answered in the physics class! (of course, if your teacher is or was initiative enough and loved their job to show you so much amazing things).

Now it is high time you conducted your first serious(!) experiment and wrote about it! Sounds exciting? Let’s begin!

The Guideline of Writing a Physics Lab Report

A report lab in physics may sound a bit complex, however, once you get all the details of it does not seem that difficult anymore. So, instead of assuring you that you will do that we will just give you the primary hints on the writing process and let you do the rest.

First of all, bear in mind the main function of a lab report: as being based on your experiment it should provide sufficient information about your data, methods and results, all complete statements of your observations as well as analysis and possible recommendations of the potential work experiments.

After realizing these main points, you will find it much easier to stick to the main notion of the reason and the purpose of your experiment and its importance to note it on paper.

The Structure of a Lab Report

Subjects Arranged by Size

The main outline has to be written when you know how to put all that mess of data into a well-structures and cohesive observation paper that will never lose sight of the main argument.

The pinnacle of your lab report should be all centered around the results and investigation conducted during an experiment. You need to make it fully comprehensive as to deliver the objective to your classmates and professor who did not conduct this experiment.

Cover Sheet

Basically, it is simply the primary page of your experimental paper observations, where you put in your name, title of the experiment, course number, the data of your lab, the name of your professor who was assisting you and all information you consider important to be mentioned here.


“In this investigation…” This is what is included in this section, your ability to introduce the topic you are going to investigate through theoretical and practical ways. Do not forget to be concise. Put in the main purpose of your experiment, its means to reach the purpose, a short description of your observations as results and the main points you have learned during this experiment. Remember not to overreach the number of words which is about 150, less is even better, so, main rule here:

Be laconic but precise.

Data Sheets

The name of this section speaks for itself. All data neatly recorded by you as an outline should be noted here. These include:

  • Units (such as l for liters);
  • The detailed info about given equipment and planned procedures;
  • The probable data estimated at the very beginning with the closest precision;
  • Possibility of incorrections for calculated quantities;
  • The name and initials of the instructor who watches over your lab report.

Those data should not be only as the final calculations but also raw data like your predictions, intermediate corrections during an experiment and naturally the final outcome, so that you can get a full picture of your progress in experimentation.


It is usually required for the first graphs to be drawn by you manually and not using any electronic devices. The graphics should be fully comprehensive and measure up all data presented in your academic paper. After having handed a few reports, your professor may allow you to use computer tools to create data, however, you can ask them for a permission earlier. If your professor does not prohibit you to use computer software, it is high time you learned how to use them again!

Procedure and Calculations

The procedure of your conducting an experiment step by step, used equipment and all methods of gathering data. Here you also analyze the obtained data. Please, include your own variations and feel free to state some changes, such discretions in conducting an experiment, if they are reasonable enough, will only add to your successful handing a lab report. Additionally, the data does not have to agree with your expectations, but show the method you analyze and interpret it according to the demands.

Discussions of Results

Here you interpret the outcome you have got and compare it with your expectations. You also state the value of your observations and their importance in future experiments. You should answer a few questions like:

  • Was the result satisfactory?
  • Did it match the expectations you had?
  • Were there any uncertainties in calculations or data?
  • What can be the sources of incorrections in case they took place?
  • Do the results have any value in the next experiments and why?


No doubts, you can and should use some notable works in order to help you with your experiment. That is why, they are to be obligatory in your report. Note them down as bibliographic citations in a proper formatting.

The structure content may differentiate a bit and have other titles as well as different content, therefore, you must accord it only with your professor in order to make it strongly coherent to the format required. Also, your experiment should not be 100% precise as both human beings and computers created by humans can be mistaken as well as have some incorrections that usually do not impact the experiment value in a whole.

It may seem as a laborious work, however, once you perceive it more enjoyable you will realize that in reality it is very interesting to do and share your knowledge with others. In case you experience a lack of time with completing this task, feel free to contact us and get to know our best price for completing it by our essay writer. As we offer a range of papers in different fields you will definitely find a lot of various services which might be in use for your academic life as a student.

We are sure that your report lab will we done at its best, but if you want us to show you how to write an excellent one, just write us and forget about all worries today!

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