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Right Response on the Exam

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If you are very much afraid of the session and are lost when answering the exam questions, then we will help you be more confident at the most crucial moment of student life – at the time of passing the exams. We select for you the most efficient recommendations, which are tested in practice.

In general, our whole life is one continuous exam. Whatever you do, wherever you go to work, you will be examined everywhere. Therefore, even if you are not currently studying in any educational institution, it will be useful for you to know about the basic techniques that help students successfully pass sessions.

So, now let us go directly to the recommendations that will help you better understand how to respond on the exam.

  • Careful Preparation Is the Guarantee of a Good Answer

    Very many students neglect the preparation for exams, believing that only one week is enough for the normal preparation. But this practice rarely gives a positive result. How many problems in the exam could have been avoided if you had given at least 5-7 minutes a day to repeat the material you had covered?

    After all, as it usually happens: at the lecture, you write as an automaton, without delving into the meaning of what was written. You come home and sit in front of the computer. Before the session, you sit down for a repetition of the material of the entire semester. Naturally, something will be incomprehensible to you. And if you do not understand something, then you will already be reluctant to learn this question. Here we are talking about memorizing by heart those things that remained unexplained for you.

    Of course, it can be useful, but it does not lead to positive results in most cases. Therefore, remember that it is not the one who knows a lot about this subject, but the one who knows enough pass the exam well. You are already given that minimum in lectures, which will be enough to answer the exam. Therefore, our advice is the next: repeat the material every day after you arrive from the university.

  • Write Cribs but Never Use Them

    Cheat on the Exam

    Wasting your time writing cheat sheets without further use for the intended purpose is like masochism. However, we will explain why this should be done in this way. The whole point is that when you write cribs, then you will willy-nilly learn the material. Therefore, if you have faithfully prepared cheat sheets on all issues, then do not worry – you will pass the exam. Put them in your pocket for inner peace and go to the exam with your head raised.

    When you pull out the examination card, all questions there will seem very simple to you, and you will not have the necessity to use cheat sheets. Even if a question causes you trouble, still forget that you have a pile of cribs. Better close your eyes and try to remember what you wrote in your cribs. If you did them all by yourself (without downloading anything from the Internet), then you will necessarily remember the information you need.

    Why are we so sure about this? The thing is that before you write down the necessary information on the examination card on the small leaf, you have to choose all the most necessary from the abstract. Therefore, if you selected everything by yourself, accordingly, you spent a few minutes only on the selection.

    Then you spend a few more minutes for the selected material to be written on the sheet. Roughly speaking, you spent about 1 hour on writing just one cheat sheet. Therefore, most likely, it will not be difficult for you to dig a little in your head, remembering everything that is necessary to answer the exam questions.

  • Inner Peace

    Zen Meditation

    Close your eyes. Imagine yourself alone in a room. The room should be very comfortable and cozy. Also, there should be a sofa on which you sit. You are completely relaxed, nothing disturbs you. Say to yourself or aloud: "I achieved everything I wanted, I do not need to worry anymore". Repeat this phrase again and again. Stay 1-2 minutes in this state with your eyes closed. Then open your eyes. You will feel that anxiety has vanished without a trace.

    It seems to be crazy technique, but it really gives a tangible result. Try it, and you will feel the full force of this method. The whole point is that your consciousness can not distinguish truth from fiction. Therefore, you can boldly "deceive" it and get the result (in our case – inner calmness) that you just want.

  • Go Respond When You Want

    Students have many different beliefs about in what order to go to answer the exam. The most common of them sounds like this: the first are the honors pupils, the last – the underachievers. However, the most important thing for you is not to focus on "people's stereotypes", but successfully pass the exam.

    In this regard, we advise you to respond when you have inner peace and inner confidence behind it. If you are trembling with fear, then it is better not go to the examiner. It is better to use the technique described in the previous paragraph.

    Tell yourself: "I am ready! I will do it!". And after that cheerfully go to the doors where the exam takes place.

  • Listen to the Answers of Your Friends

    After you select an examination card, then begin preparing for an answer. It can be very annoying when you forget a small moment, without which you cannot make a good answer to the question. As we have already said, it is better not to use cheat sheets – do not spoil your reputation. And do not distract your friend since he or she, most likely, is thinking about how to improve his or her own answer.

    There is only one possibility for you to find out the missing detail for your answer – to listen to the answers of your groupmates. It often happens that your friend answers the teacher a topic very similar to your question. Therefore, try not to sit very far from the teacher to be able to hear the answers of other students.

  • Answer Confidently Even When You Doubt the Correctness of the Answer

    Even if you do not know something, then still answer confidently. Start with something small and general, then add your thoughts about what was said and it is ready. The main thing – never be silent, do not sit like a fish in front of the teacher, they cannot stand this. The teacher can give you an excellent grade only because you make an impression on him or her.

    One of the goals of professors is to make the student a real person who will be able to overcome all life problems after graduation from the university. And if you start to express your point of view on the exam questions and at the same time touch at least a little the subject of the question, then, consider that you will pass the exam successfully.

    We hope that this article will help you when passing the exams. Good luck on the exam, and remember that the main exam is life.

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