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The Four Student Temperament Types and Their Benefits

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Starting from the Ancient Greek society, people have always wanted to understand the human psyche better. Even since those remote times, people were able to analyze the behavior of their peers and get to the conclusion that there are certain patterns of behavior in each of us, and that these patterns can be grouped according to specific criteria. Indeed, we are different from each other in ways of how we respond to stimulation, how we interact with other humans, which matters are dear to us and even what is our ideal environment for producing quality work. According to these temperament types we can understand ourselves better, and realize which is the best way for us to write a college essay, for example. This article will help you to find out which temperament do you posses and the best way to use your unique features to shine and achieve great learning heights!

Which One Are You?

Even though the concept of the four big temperaments arose from the notion that your bodily fluids affect your behaviors, now scientists have rejected this hypothesis. Of course, your temperament may differ from the big four, or incorporate different features. However, most people still can analyze their behavior and ascribe themselves to one of these types. If you are in doubt, you can pass the online test to detect your type. Although, to be true to yourself, it is better to honestly analyze your behavior.


Excited Person

The students of this type are believed to be short-tempered, fast or irritable. If you are quick to anger and quick to calm down, if you are social and outgoing, if you like exciting activities such as rafting or paintball, you may be a choleric. Also labeled as the “neurotic extraverted” types, choleric people tend to experience vivid emotions and really put themselves on the edge. As to college, choleric adepts enjoy the type of classes that include seminars and big group discussions. They are often the leaders of study groups and deliver the most remarkable presentations. However, they are not the ones who can concentrate on a big research paper for too long, nor do they enjoy to sit for hours in the library and write out neat formulas in their paper notebooks. Use your powers of excitability to the best and remember about your drawbacks if you want your college experience to be pleasant. It should not feel like a constant firework show that is your life, or the rollercoaster of emotions you feel throughout the day. Learn how to organize your work properly, stick to timetables and know that sometimes you should tone down your excitement in order to hear the other ideas shared in the room.


Relaxed and peaceful, the phlegmatic type belongs to those who are not overly self-confident, but believe that everything will turn out somehow in the end. Maybe you like to skip a lecture or two during the week, do not put too much effort in taking notes and it is hard to get you truly excited about a subject. You do not worry too much about grades, because life is more than just school. Here, you are right, however remember why you decided to apply for college in the first place. If you push yourself to discover something that truly excites you and makes you forget about all the apathy, you will enjoy your college experience much better and will get a great advantage out of it.


Opposite of the choleric people, are those of the melancholic type. Labeled as “analytical, wise and quiet”, these individuals also fall into the category of “neurotic introverts”. They feel the world around them acutely. They are extremely sensitive, and sometimes even shy. Feeling guilt and anxiety is often a normal part of their day. However, do not be upset if you belong to this type and you feel judged by this description. Because of the wise and quiet observational skills, melancholic students are able to identify and solve problems more easily than their peers. The best artists, writers and actors are of the melancholic type of temperament, because they understand deeply the emotional background of each situations and the undertones that other people might not catch. College life should be easy for this type as long as studying is concerned, however social events and seminars could make you anxious, because of fear of being in the spotlight. Do not worry, your ideas are valuable and if shared correctly, they could end up a turning point in any discussion. Try not to daydream too much during lectures, and learn how to be assertive, and you will get pleasure from your studying!


Are you optimistic, active, social? Your type was probably made for succeeding in college. You do not shy away from group projects, and your leadership skills pay off big time. You have multiple extracurricular groups where you are very active, and helping a friend with tutoring is always tucked in your busy schedule. While you are getting the high grades you deserve, do not forget that you should also have a breath of fresh air once in a while and clear off your schedule for a weekend to just enjoy a bubble bath or a relaxing sleep, otherwise you might explode from all the activities you participate in. Remember that taking care of your mental health and building a stress-free life that suits your pace are important in the long run too.

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