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Source of Strength to Complete Your Studies. Part 1

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Surely, you know people who manage to learn easily and simply. At the same time, your friends do not have any super-abilities in terms of writing essays or studying in general. However, they manage to cope with all their difficulties without much hassle. What is their secret? How can you facilitate your studies? What is the effect of the lever, and how can the lever make your life easier? We will tell you all about this in this article.

A Little Important Story About the Lever

It is no secret that people always try to make their life easier. Having set out to alleviate their cruel existence (and it happened several thousand years ago), people have begun to come up with various devices that would help them in their daily life.

So, the wheel, a drill, a spinning loom were invented. However, the lever plays a special role among all such inventions. We do not know for sure whether the lever was invented by some particular person or not, but it does not matter. What is important is that with the help of the lever it became possible to lift multi-ton loads above the ground, which became one of the engines of trade at that time.

Subsequently, the savvy people realized that the lever exists not only in the form in which we are accustomed to see it. Leverages exist everywhere, however, most of the inhabitants of the planet can see only the "standard" lever.

After reading this article until the end, you will understand that levers around you are a dime a dozen, it is only necessary to discern them in time, and most importantly – to apply correctly. After all, if you incorrectly apply the lever, then you will get a completely opposite effect in the end. The "load" that you wanted to raise with a lever can be a mountain of problems for you, commensurate with the "cargo" you raise.

What Levers Exist Among Us?

If to say in a nutshell, then the most different ones. Their number depends on the volume of your knowledge of the world. Accordingly, the more you know about the most diverse things, the more you have the chance to discern additional levers that can raise you above your problems.

For example, there is a financial sphere. If not to get encumbered by details, there is a so-called financial lever with the help which you can quickly begin your business by taking money from other people (borrowed funds). Its essence is that if you, for example, want to open your business, then you have two options, where to take money for this:

  • At oneself (it is necessary to save and save God knows how long);
  • At others (you will receive money almost immediately).

If you use only your means, then your business will develop slowly, and you will be able to get at least some tangible return from it only after 3-5 years.

However, if you use borrowed funds (drop the prejudice that this is a very risky occupation, wait to internally criticize this option, it is very important for a correct understanding of the essence of the financial lever), then you can almost immediately get the effect of your activity in a kind of tangible flow of money (with the proper organization of the case and the calculation of all possible risks). In this case, you will pay disbursement on the loan out of your profits.

Now let us compare the results. If you use only your own funds, you will get tangible profits only after several years of work, and when using loan funds – almost immediately.

You just need to understand correctly how to manage credit money for maximum effect.

Human Lever

We have just shown you the work of the financial lever. We really want to believe that you have at least started to understand the essence of what we want to explain to you. Do not worry if you think that we have already forgotten to tell you how to facilitate your studies at a university or school. Not at all. Soon you will know everything. It is just very important that you first get the basic sense of using different levers in your life.

In order for you to finally understand the essence of the work of the lever, here is another example. You come to work as an accountant in a large company. You work in this position for certain time, you acquire certain acquaintances, connections. At the same time, having worked, let us say, 5 years, you feel that you have already outgrown your position, and it is time for you to become the chief accountant of your department.

How can you speed up your promotion? There are many ways (re-certification, the performance of work above the norm, etc.), but all these options do not suit us. First, they require too much effort, and, secondly, time.

You already know that human has not in vain invented a lever with which you can accelerate any process, whether it is raising a stone or career promotion. So, how can you use the lever at work? Easily! The main thing is to know where the necessary levers are, and how they should be "pressed".

As already mentioned above, you acquire different connections, acquaintances, etc. in the process of your work. So, all your connections are levers that can promote you in the service. It is very important to choose the right lever from their variety. How to do it? All that is required of you is to decide on two things:

  • A person who makes a decision about the promotion (who should be affected by the leverage);
  • A second person who is able to influence the first person (this will be your lever).

For example, you have a familiar secretary. He or she is the secretary of the head of your department. This is your lever. Accordingly, the head of the department is the one who decides on the promotion of employees.

Your task will be to convince your acquaintance-secretary, so that he or she, incidentally, at a suitable opportunity, hinted to the leader that it would be good to pay the most attention to you in terms of promotion and career growth.

We hope that 2 of these examples have visually demonstrated to you the full power of leverage (whether it be financial or human one) in your life. With the use of the lever, you can easily solve the most difficult tasks or to simplify the standard work.

In connection with the fact that you have probably already understood the essence of the work of the levers, you are interested in knowing which ones can be leveraged in the educational process in order to facilitate your school or student life. We will talk about in the second part of our article.

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