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Most Successful People Are Minimalists

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Come on, spill it out: do you have tons of unnecessary things in your room that you usually treat as your “souvenirs” or hope to use in the nearest future (that will never come)? Congratulations, you are in my team. We call ourselves “creative people”, others call us “messy hipsters”. So, who are they, those, who need minimum of stuff to live happily ever after?

No need to beat about the bush, let’s face the truth – the most productive people are minimalists. Who are these titans of productivity? Zuckerberg, Branson, Jobs and others successful people, who have given all their efforts to create something really big and important. They have managed to get rid of everything that has been distracting them from the real lifestyle of a minimalist and that is why I have decided to tell you some of the most amazing benefits of a lifestyle of minimalists you will have by applying it to your own life.

Lifehacks from the Famous Minimalists


They never waste time and money. Take them at this word! As many people have noticed already, successful people always eat the same things as usual, they always wear the same clothes and they never spend money on things they find unnecessary. Instead, they focus on problem solving decisions, they work for their own profit and constantly try to achieve better today than they had yesterday.

They never care about frivolous things in their life, but turn their attention to what has any importance. Focused mind helps to have organized life. They never let themselves be unfocused when it comes to work and making money. They know what they want and they set up for achieving it.

Negative thoughts obstruct the way to a healthy and highly productive lifestyle. Only optimistic and realistic people will need nothing to prove their individuality. Everything they want – they have it and not in things around but in themselves. They invest in their happiness and well-being but not in things around them.

When it comes to taking a minimalistic approach, successful people live modest and ordinarily. Nevertheless, they never forget about taking care about their health, their family and friends. Everything is simple: they don’t need that carpet just because they have one or just because they don’t find it extremely important for themselves. They don’t need another car if the one they have is working and looks pretty good.

Life of a Minimalist Basic Rules


So, how to “clear your own life” from everything that doesn’t allow you to do it? We have discussed mental issues of a minimalist, now it is time to talk about the practical tips for turning into a real minimalistic person:

  • Simplify your diet. When eating simple food, not mixed or super complex, you learn to get used to spend less time on thinking what to cook, where to get it, where to go and how to survive afterwards (only for exotic food);
  • Duplicates – go away! Seriously, no need to have a completely same thing but duplicated. Be more generous – make a gift for someone and give it to them;
  • Plan your day. Have a schedule for it. Every highly productive person has a schedule of things to do for a day, a week or a month. However, you are not a robot to stick to it, it is a helper to navigate you through your life busyness and is intended only for better productivity;
  • Differentiate work and rest. Minimize areas of your life to get ready for real rest as you will learn to relax when needed and work when you decide to. Never be afraid of work. Successful people never see work as a burden, they find it an amazing possibility to create something new and hone your skills in everything you choose;
  • Think rationally: do you really need that shuttlecock on your shelf? If it is extremely hard for you to get rid of stuff, organize a flea market or just give everything away. It will not go to a dumpster (at least not so fast) but somebody else will maybe need it more than you;
  • Dress with less. To make this tip real, have a basic wardrobe in your room, like white and black T-shirt, jeans, pants, flat shoes and a jacket in comfortable colors. Find out what should be called “basic” wardrobe for every person;
  • Learn to save money. Set yourself a goal and save some money for pursuing it. It will save you from buying redundant things that you usually would never buy and… Save your money as well!
  • Try to carry less and feel how nice it feels to be free of stuff. When traveling, think of what you REALLY need and pack only this. Afterwards, review your baggage and put aside half of it. With having only the necessities you learn to enjoy the real moments of life;
  • Dare to try it out! Making first steps is surely a challenge and nerve-racking process, at the same time it is a great surprise that life can give.

So, please, do not take me wrong, a life of a minimalist is not a fairy tale with magical rainbows and talking animals. It is a constant work on yourself and your habits. It is a coherent research of everything that may improve their life without being a clutter and harming their freedom from wastage. They are concentrated on themselves as personalities and not on what is surrounded as it doesn’t make them themselves. That’s right, a new dress doesn’t make someone a good friend, a cool car will not turn a person into the best father. But when we improve our inner state and enjoy being ourselves even when having nothing in hands – we will never fall down and lose everything as what we have can never be lost.

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