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How Have Smartphones Improved Our Life?

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Person Using Smartphone

It is true that an ordinary young person cannot imagine his or her life without a smartphone. There are many myths about them as well. There is no wonder that most of them are false. “Smart” gadgets have some truly significant benefits, which make a life of a modern person much more comfortable and enjoyable. Probably, almost every single student will agree with this statement. Only some of them can spend at least a day without their cell phones and they will definitely feel boredom and sadness.

However, the main question is still not clear: “How have smartphones improved our life?” – and this topic is widespread at schools, public places and government buildings. The majority of young people have to write a college essay about the usage of smartphones and their harm. An excellent way is to order an essay on the website https://wedoessay.com/. Unfortunately, despite its prevalence in the world, many teenagers are not aware of the exact benefits of these devices. Our team wants to help them with this issue and presents the greatest advantages of smartphones.

Availability of Information

Thanks to having your smartphone with you everywhere, you can get any kind of information in several seconds. The only thing, which is necessary, is the Internet connection. The combination of World Wide Web and a smartphone makes it possible to reach everything you want even if you are far from home. It plays a great role for students who often need to find some significant materials right on their lessons or during a college break. Sometimes it may save them from a bad grade. Moreover, it is possible to download some textbooks or photograph them. As a result, you will be able to observe essential materials at any time and even without the Internet.

Safety at Any Time

It usually happens that young people have to walk the streets late in the evening while coming back home from college or some additional courses. Of course, this is not safe as the crime level in many countries has increased in the last period of time. How can teenagers protect themselves? Pepper sprays work well only in Hollywood movies. The most important thing is calling someone and informing them about the event. The best variant is police, of course. Smartphones gave the humanity the feeling of safety everywhere at any time.

Thousands of Apps

 Person Playing Games

Of course, some of the teenagers may say that most of these applications are useless for them. However, a variety of these programs is amazing as you can do everything from counting calories to playing a wonderful video game. The number of well-done apps for smartphones is incredible, and most of them are free. Their developers constantly improve them to provide a comfort usage for their customers. You will never get bored with your device because hundreds of ways to entertain yourself open up after several clicks on your cell phone.

Reduce Homesickness

This is very important for freshmen, who usually suffer from homesickness during their first term at college. Smartphones give them an opportunity to write to somebody and call their parents and other family members. It is possible to send photos and video to each other. Thanks to these devices, a young person will never feel lonely and alienated while being always in touch with his or her family. Just imagine that you have to walk several miles to the local post office to send a letter and then wait almost a week until it is delivered. Sure, it makes us feel stressed and upset when we cannot contact nearest and dearest people.


It is true that most of the smartphones include the function of navigation. Sure, you will not use it while walking on campus or in your native town. However, you should not underestimate it when you have a trip abroad. It may be truly difficult to contact locals and detect the right way. There is no necessity to take big maps with you, which demand a lot of space in your backpacks and some specific knowledge as well. Technologies will help you travel anywhere even if you have a first experience in exploring foreign places and do not know how to use a compass correctly.

Make Money

 Person Talking Phone

Smartphones are a good way to make some money for college students. It is possible to sell goods or even develop your own apps. Of course, some specific knowledge is necessary for it, but you can earn a huge profit thanks to your smartphone. Just pay attention to all these web developers. A big part of them is students, who have lots of creative ideas. If you feel like you can make something extraordinary, it will be a good chance to try to create your own app.

To sum up, all these benefits play a great role for students and change their life for better. Studying becomes much easier thanks to it because there is no need to bring tons of textbooks with you as your smartphone can save all the necessary information. Your parents, for example, could never imagine that studying at school would become so easy and even enjoyable. We hope that our ideas and statements will help you become smarter and you will use this knowledge while making your project or writing essays.

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