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Motivate Yourself to Study. Too Complicated or Elementary?

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Every sane modern person desires to study well. But sometimes (and "sometimes" often grows into something more) it is so hard to force yourself to sit down for lessons, do homework. How to act in this case, what to do with yourself?

Or another example: the deadline for the performance of a term paper is getting closer every day, and we all are waiting for a miracle. But a miracle rarely happens on its own. A miracle only comes to those who really work hard. But we like to lie on the couch after studying, watch TV, sit on the Internet. In short, to do everything, except for educational matters.

We have 100 excuses to "... postpone for later, I am doing something important now – I am cleaning up the room". We are readier to do "a lot of other things" than our urgent business. What exactly is happening to us, that we immediately recall the pile of urgent cases when we see the work ahead (and not only the studying)?

Problem: Why Do We Postpone "For Later"?

  • 1.We are afraid to start.

    As strange as it may seem at first glance, but this is the real truth. How hard it is to get down to work, whether it is physical or intellectual one. And we do not even know, what is harder. It would seem that the world is full of information now, there is no need to go anywhere, you just need to sit in front of the computer, click a couple of times and the material is found.

    It will only be slightly edited and ready (a report, an abstract, a course work or other assignments). Or, even if you are not a connoisseur of algebra or chemistry, you can always find answers on the net. But from the abundance of information, it seems to us that we are in a boundless ocean, floating along which we see no end.

    It is the same with information. We "swim" in the vastness of the Internet and do not know where to moor. Having bitter experience of the past, we do not want to eat this pill again and therefore do not start our "treatment" (meaning studying, of course).

  • 2.Our time is limited.

    Modern life is full of events. A person of the 21st century needs to combine a lot of things and different kinds of events: the birthday of a friend, the purchase of a new computer, the need to help the father with the car, the mother asked for something, oh, yes, and you need to learn too. Therefore, we postpone and postpone different things. It smells of catastrophe... It is not for you to lie on the stove, as it was in Russia in the Middle Ages. Therefore, always calculate your time correctly, and how to do it – read below.

  • 3.Laziness.

    After a stormy working day, which sometimes lasts for 12-14 hours, you do not want to do anything. Just to get to the house, eat and go to rest, and then there are important things. Laziness is not always bad, it is a natural reaction of the body to stressful situations. However, many of us experience these "stresses" very often in order to justify their inaction.

    There are a lot of reasons, why we do not solve our problems on time. The most common of them were considered above. And now we would like to bring to your attention effective solutions that help increase your effectiveness in educational and other activities.

Solution: How Can You Do Business on Time?

On Time
  • 1.Interest in solving the problem.

    In order to successfully grind away at your studies, it is necessary to look at the problem as at future reward. What will you receive by writing this report or by making a presentation on the course work? Believe, when you come to, let us say, a not-so-loved job, where you think to leave from as soon as possible, then the time will drag on until the end of the working day. And if you come to where you do not just work, but work with enthusiasm, interest, then the work will go easier and the time will accordingly go faster and you will manage everything on time.

    All the same is with learning. Try to approach the problem with creativity. For example, you solve the task on geometry, but there is no reflection on the solution. You already "boil", and tomorrow you have to perform your work. How do you find inspiration? Yes, it is very simple! You need a little imagination. Imagine your favorite actors, singers, anyone, you can imagine the president at least. And you solve the problem not for yourself, but they asked to help them.

    Delirium, but, nevertheless, no one will know it, if you do not tell right and left about what a vivid imagination you have. The main thing is to achieve the result, i.?µ. to solve the task. If you solve this problem, then you will help your idol. But we know that you did it for yourself. You just needed to make your brain work in the process of solving. We chose the above method. Try it and you will see its effectiveness. Checked by time!

  • 2.You did the job and got the candy.

    Motivation is the most important part of any activity, including study.

    Do the following. Get a rule – you wrote 2 pages of the essay and got a "candy". Here anything is understood by "candy", from the opportunity to sit on the Internet to buying a new computer. In short, please yourself at least with small gifts and, we assure you, it will go better.

  • 3.We do business on a schedule.

    If you have not already known, most of the successful people stick to the timetable in their life. You need to clearly plan your activities to manage, for example, in business. There is the same thing in studying. The further you get, the harder the going. The load becomes bigger with the age.

    Sometimes this load becomes simply overwhelming. Distribute any work adhering to a certain plan. It does not have to be rigid. We live in a dynamic time, in which it is very difficult to predict the development of events. However, plans are needed to at least sort out the problems and worries that are coming down from all sides.

    There were written a lot of articles on the topic of motivation for learning. For example, you can look at this one and make sure that all methods are approximately the same and serve a common main purpose.

    We hope this article will help you work more productively, learn or do something more efficiently and, most importantly, do everything on time.

    We wish you success in your studies.

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