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Excellent Student. Advantage or Disadvantage

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Is it necessary to study well at the university? Of course, opinions on this issue radically diverge, but two protesting parties come to one conclusion – the diploma of completing higher education should be obtained without fail. So, let us look at this issue, otherwise, the student may lose a few years of his/her life, or simply build them incorrectly.

Excellent Grades – the Way to a Happy Life?

Many students are 100% sure that good grades are just the right way to the professor's heart. In fact, this is not exactly true, but there are those students who still managed to earn the respect of professors and the whole dean's office with mediocre studies. Why, you will ask? And the secret still exists, and not one.

As students' statistics show, students successfully graduate in three cases, and each of them has its own so-called spark, which is time-tested and actually works in practice.

  1. Good knowledge in their future specialty, diligent study, unlimited desire for knowledge, responsible attitude and participation in all scientific conferences. Simply put, as a rule, cons usually study well, and the rest ones, alas, are not so successful;
  2. In any case, students public figures and sportsmen receive good grades at a university. For example, group elders live well, and in most cases, after a five-year long and tedious study, they receive the diploma with honours. You can prove yourself as a wonderful activist and diligent performer, and good assessments and universal respect – it is just a matter of time. A similar situation is with athletes who play for the university team. Often, they cannot put two words together, but get good grades;
  3. Of course, such thing is not practiced at all universities, however, unfortunately, it happens. There is a category of students who always exist, but others prefer not to speak about them. These are the people who pay for good grades. The same category includes students with influential parents.

So now it is clear, what kind of students is living easily and simply, but there arises another no less urgent question: what do everyone else have to do? The answer: to study well or take your documents from the dean's office and go wherever you want.

Excellent Grades – the Beginning of a Successful Career?

Immediately we will tell you a simple and unshakable truth – your grades are not needed by anyone. The employer needs only the presence of a diploma.

So, we can give advice to all students: if you study perfectly, continue in the same spirit, and the diploma with honors will be in your hands soon. But, if you do not pretend to be an excellent student, then relax, enjoy life and just maintain your average final score at a level no lower than satisfactory, so that the scholarship is not taken away. At the same time, we advise you to relax about grades in diploma supplement since they are not the object of interest at any new work at all.

Accordingly, the conclusion is the following: after graduating from the university graduate gets diploma – this is the only thing that is important when looking for a job not depending on what position and in what structure you are going to go.

The diploma supplement can be discarded or left as a memento, in order to find it among old papers in the future and remember how well or badly you studied and what subjects were loved and hated.

We believe that you can study at the university perfectly, and to earn the proud title of a promising future specialist with your own strength. However, it is important not to focus on lessons, lectures and, especially, the forthcoming session, otherwise, after receiving a diploma you will have practically nothing to remember about the student life. But where is the "golden mean" in this matter, and how not to overdo it?

From the experience of many graduate students, we can conclude that the turning point at the university is the winter semester of the third year, which divides student life into two equal halves.

As a rule, the first two and a half years of painstaking study allow diligent students to be recommended from the very positive side. And, when the professor will call or read their name, he/she immediately has a clear idea of what kind of students they are, and what level of knowledge they have in the subject.

The second two and a half years you can relax because now you are already a recognizable person, and all professors know you from the very positive side. The professor will evaluate answers purely mechanical, remembering how superbly you solved the problem of an increased level of complexity in the second year, for example. Grades will always be excellent, even if they are not always well-deserved.

So you can be a con during first five semesters, but then freedom, scholarship and bright prospects for the future come. By the way, if you want to know more, who is considered an excellent student, come here.

Are Excellent Grades and Happy Student Years Compatible?


Many students who want to achieve dizzying heights in their careers in the future believe that a merry life can be a significant obstacle on the way to good academic performance. That is why they lead a separate way of life most often, and receive the nickname "hermit" among groupmates, if not ruder.

Of course, diligent studies are always important, but it is also not worth spending the best years of your life. Well, it is impossible to remain without cheerful student stories and joyful memories, which will be a matter of pride and good mood for a long time.

It is quite possible to combine business with pleasure, especially since an active life position and organizational abilities are only welcomed in the dean's office. Such a student will be considered a fully developed personality who deserves respect.

So, good grades are good, and a happy and carefree youth is better. Both of these concepts are closely interrelated, so without one there is no other, and it is important not to forget it all years of study.

And the last thing: whatever the grades are, they are justly deserved, so you should not be ashamed of them, but, on the contrary, be proud of your own perseverance, and most importantly – of the given chance to study at the university and become its graduate.

And at work, the main thing is not a diploma, but a desire to comprehend new knowledge, communication skills and friendliness, and where such wisdom will be studied, if not at the university.

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