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How to Deal with Annoying Groupmates?

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Students at Class

Probably, everyone has such groupmates, who make them angry and annoy you while asking stupid questions, making jokes or talking too much. Of course, it is difficult to stay calm during your school day if you have to contact with such fellows. You may become stressed or anxious because of their behavior and your mood will definitely become worse. As a result, you will get fewer advantages from studying and your marks will be lower. How to deal with such an issue? Sure, it is impossible to change these people, buy you can change your attitude to them and save your nerves. The best way to tackle a situation, when someone makes you angry or even furious, is ignoring these people. However, this may be not as easy if they are your classmates. That is why our team made a specific list of tips and hints for students, who want to deal with annoying fellows and make their lives happier and calmer.

Ignore Them

As we have mentioned before, just ignoring people who annoy you may not be helpful if you see them every day and have to cooperate with them: relationships in the class are a good example. You cannot just stay silent and go away when a person tries to tell you something. Some smarter and more effective ways are needed. First of all, you should develop your own strategy of ignoring a certain person. Use some non-verbal signs instead of answering their questions or giving remarks about their actions. You should not show your emotions or reactions on the annoying things which your classmates do. Never start shouting at them or demonstrate your wonderment: it will provoke your fellows to something of the same kind once again.

Concentrate on Your Studying

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Of course, it is hard to focus on something when things which really annoy you happen. However, at the same time, concentrating all your attention on studying is the best way to deal with such issues. If you need to write a school essay, you should do it diligently without any distraction to some other things. It will help you to stay calm and prevent an inappropriate reaction to your classmate’s jokes or actions. While sitting at the lecture, do not pay attention to a class clown performance but listen to your professor’s words. It will give you lots of benefits on the exam and you will save your nerves from all these dumb sayings and gestures.

Always Stay Calm

If you do not want to suffer from annoying people, you have to memorize one significant rule: your anger and wonderment provoke them to act even worse. Shouting and showing your disrespect to them do not help in the most cases. Keep in mind that most of the teenagers, who behave in the way, which irritate others, usually have a lack of attention and they try to attract it by all possible methods. Do not support them in this issue if you want to end up their dumb jokes. You have to stay calm in any case: this is the best way to make annoying classmates go away and stop their weird acts. Of course, this is not a simple task, especially if you try to concentrate at the moment when someone starts annoying you. Nevertheless, do not forget that this is one of the most efficient methods of reducing irritations and distractions.

Explain That You Are Irritated

Students Talking

Despite you have to stay calm, it does not mean that you should sit silently and just wait until a certain person disappears: it may not happen at all. You should explain your classmate that his or her actions or words irritate you first of all. Do it in a careful and kind way. Sometimes, a teenager does not understand that his behavior is annoying and you have to explain it to him. In some cases, an honest and clear talk can help you and all your problems will disappear. However, you should not hurt this student: you will probably have to study and cooperate with him for several years, so it is better to stay on good terms.

Analyze Your Attitude

Sometimes, the problem is your attitude to your groupmate. Maybe, they are not as annoying as you think. It is a usual thing when we have some prejudgments about someone, whom we barely know. Maybe, it will be better to change your view and attitude. Analyze your relationship with a person who annoys you. In some cases, you may just provoke him to be irritating or even rude by your own behavior. Do not blame someone but think over the way you talk and act during the average college day.

To sum up, this is not easy to deal with classmates who annoy you. It demands some specific knowledge and skills as well. We tried to provide you with some of them in this article. However, it is impossible to predict all possible situations and solution for all of them. So, you have to remember our general tips and use them carefully. Do not forget that sometimes a person does not intend to abuse or irritate you: this may be an average type of his or her behavior. It means that you should not be rude to such people in any case. We hope that our article is helpful for you and prevent some unpleasant situations in your school or college life.

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