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How to Become a Leader? Useful Advice!

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We want to compliment you immediately for having started reading this article because you have already done the first step to becoming a strong personality! So, how to become a leader? Firstly, you need to remember one simple truth: “No one is born as a leader, you have to become one.” You must change yourself, if you are dreaming about success.

How to Become a Leader? The Key Leadership Qualities

You may say that changing of your outlook on the world is a very hard process. It is absolutely true! However, you have to work hard on yourself and develop leadership qualities to become a respected and independent person in the future. Who told you that everything will be easy and simple? It is necessary to work, our dear reader, especially to work on yourself. It is necessary to learn from the start how to manage your own life, rather than wait for a lucky ticket! Create comfortable and good conditions in your life and in your work. “You will never be a real commander if you cannot make the difficult decisions and carry them out.” (Andre Norton “The Elvenbane”). Nobody can influence a leader. A leader is someone who knows what he wants out of life and he puts a lot of efforts to accomplish this. Believe us, once you develop the qualities of leadership, you will feel like you were born again! Let us start.

Be Purposeful

Persistent Person

Select an exact purpose for yourself and do not wait every second for any achievements. Remember the proverb: “No pain, no gain.” It is not only important, but also as relevant as ever. Nowadays, most people think that they do not need to work hard to live well. This is not true. Yes, sometimes you may be lucky, but do not take it for granted.

Make Decisions Skillfully

In everything and everywhere, you should be initiative. When you are going to the supermarket, do not ever think “Hmm, what can I buy for dinner?” Always know in advance what exactly you will cook for dinner, and what you need to buy.

Have the Strength of Character

Learn how to say “No.” In life, you need to say this word quite often.

There are people who are afraid of losing their friend and, therefore, are afraid to say “No.” You can learn more information about how to say No without feeling guilty here.

Be Good-Tempered

Always stay calm. This is one of the most important qualities of a leader. No one is allowed to put you out of yourself. Erase everything negative from your life. This also includes unpleasant people: spend time with those people who you like and enjoy the communication with. Always use your brains, not just your emotions. There is an old but very effective recipe to calm down: you need just to count to 10 before talking.

Be Confident

This is the most important trait without which you cannot be a leader. To build confidence, you need to write your small daily victories in a personal achievement diary. Here is some advice on how to be confident.

  1. 1) Deal with your doubts and fears.
  2. 2) Do not listen to people who say “you cannot do it.”
  3. 3) Get rid of perfectionism. You are not perfect. And no one is perfect. Admit it. Do not react badly to mistakes and failures. Everyone makes mistakes and that is fine.
  4. 4) Do not be afraid of people. People around you will likely have a number of weaknesses, even if they look very confident. Do not think that you are a useless member of society, such as a small fish surrounded by sharks.
  5. 5) Stop boasting. Be who you are when you are talking to other people.

Be Strong


“Never say die”: this should be the main rule of your life. Do you know about the endurance of Thomas Edison?  He was able to create the incandescent light bulb by doing more than 10,000 scientific experiments! When he was asked: “Was it hard to continue to pursue your studies, after so many failures?” Thomas replied: “I had no failures in my experiments, I have found 1999 ways that you cannot create a light bulb!” In conclusion, by overcoming the trials you can develop the quality of leadership.

Be Responsible

Always admit your mistakes. There is a very good method to understand and further develop your responsibility: take a sheet and write 10 sentences that will begin with the words “I am responsible for ...” This method will allow you to clarify and analyze things for which you are responsible for.

Develop Your Organizational Skills

As soon as there are quarrels within the team, it can lead to disruption of the workflow. The leader must immediately eliminate all the resulting misunderstandings and conflicts between employees. You need to learn how to bring people together as one. You can do this by using a common goal or an idea.

Improve Your Memory

Read a lot of books of different genres and on different specialties or write your college essay. It will be a good brainstorm exercise for you.  Always learn from others. Carefully study how the people who achieved excellent results work.

To sum this article up, leaders do not sit in one place with their arms crossed on their chest. Leaders act. Leaders do not need to be a CEO. The main quality which you have to possess is the ability to make people want to follow you. 

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