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Telling Little Lies Is Undesirable but Sometimes Needed: Do It Properly

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Personally, I must admit it – I have no idea how to lie perfectly. Telling a lie to another person has always been a kind of a challenge for me. At the same time, having no chance to practice my “lying” skills, I cannot distinguish lies as well.

However, the life has taught me several tips on lying for a good purpose, which is not that bad, if to think on it. Telling little sweet lies for helping a person avoid some uncomfortable situation or shameful state may not only give you a chance to evade different unpleasant details but also help to distribute the information rationally.

Why Do We Lie?


Naturally, to answer this question one needs to be equipped with the knowledge of a human psychology and the way of thinking and acting in a particular situation. The situation may require a lie for a good cause but most probably lead to some harmful and painful consequences. When telling a little lie, it should serve a good purpose only.

For example, you have had a really bad week and met a friend who is asking how you are doing these days. You will not tell them you were very bad as they do not need to know about this stuff. They have their own problems and you know that you will be alright after having a walk with them without discussing your life. So, you just say “I’m fine, thanks. And you?” and go on. Is it a lie? Well, yes, you did not tell your real mood. But did it harm anybody? No, it makes a good-purposed innocent lie.

Sometimes people are afraid of something they cannot comprehend or control and they concoct a lie to conceal their secrets and to seem to be not as they are in reality. Such people are afraid what others will think as well as they are afraid to seem stupid or not cool enough in front of people.

Ways of Lying Like a Pro

I will tell you some of the main tricks I have learned while dealing with lies. Of course, these are for a good purpose only and if you are not confident that you will not harm the feelings of your friends when telling your lies, please, better tell the truth and forget about practicing lying for ever.

Just Keep Silent

First of all, avoid it. If having the only way to lie but not willing it at all, turn on the “I-speak-with-whom-I-want-only” option. This gives you a chance to leave people who you do not want to answer to, without a reply. And, of course, you will seem like having too much pride in your pants but this will allow you to be free in telling no lies at all if you decide to avoid it.

Tell Something Very Close to the Truth

Bend the very truth to be almost there with the real facts but with some details changed. For example, telling everyone that you are learning a foreign language may be quite a lie if you do it only once a month but with watching movies in that language with subtitles will make your lie be a bit closer to the truth.

Make Yourself Believe in What You Are Saying

Everything is simple: if you believe in your own story, others will see it and also trust you. When you say “I was in the cinema” and convince yourself that going to the toilet there and outside is considered as “I was there”, you will feel confident in your words as you know you have been there. However, the answer “what movie have you seen there?” would be a bit more difficult to answer.

Be Confident and Calm

Cheaters, just like the liars, are being spot on the way they behave. The manner of speaking, standing, keeping hands and even the pitch of the voice may show how they person feels about what he or she is talking about. Also, keep in mind your facial expression, try to practice in front of a mirror to seem convincible enough.

Never Lie About Others

It will be way too easy for another person to prove you are lying if you involve other people into your stories. Instead of saying “Jessica told me that…” just state the fact you want to point out like “I have heard at school that…”. It will be much safer and surely will not harm other people who have no idea about your plans on them.

What to Do If You Are Telling the Truth but People Think You Are Lying

Yes, sometimes such things happen and, to be honest, they irritate me the most. Like the same fact that I was telling a complete truth is not enough for people to believe my words. Why does it happen? There are a few reasons for that event:

  • They do not trust you. Maybe, they have some prejudices towards your sayings as you were lying to them before or someone told them you may tell untruth but those people will feel unsafe while getting any information from you;
  • They do not trust anybody. It may be a fear of being misled or simply some bad experience in the past;
  • You look very nervous while talking, that evokes a kind of suspicion. You may not even realize it but when talking with someone you turn quite often, avoid eye contact or stutter. This may be just an anxiety as your special peculiarity but the companion of yours may take it wrong.

So, yes, the reasons can be several and they all can affect the way your friends perceive you. Nevertheless, if you are being a good friend who always keeps his or her word and never lets the filthy gossips and lies for harming others or hiding yourself split off your tongue, there will be not a big problem in making people believe in everything you are saying.

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