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An Essay About Stephen King's Unique Atmosphere in Horrors

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Stephen King

If your teacher has given you a task to write about this personality, he or she is the best teacher indeed. No matter if writing about his personality or analyzing his main works, tow topics are unseparated and should be investigated accordingly. An author of dozens of horror stories and fiction tales with supernatural powers had deserved that you are writing about him. This essay paper will definitely help you to understand the nature of the writer better.

The Influence of His Biography on the Future Works

The well-known king of horrors was not that popular at first. Actually, he was known to be awkward at school as he was always interested in mystical things. Another interesting fact is that after having witnessed death of his friend, he claimed to have no memory of it later. Maybe another influential fact was how the father left the family.

Nevertheless, his inclinations to dark prose and unusual view on things were undeniable. We are grateful to him for the chance to feel goosebumps on skin and walk the whole day with a feeling of total distraction from everything because that is what the horrors of king do to us - they capture our attention and leave the unforgettable impression in our minds.

Triskaidekaphobia. According to his own words, Kind has a panic fear of the number thirteen which can be explained due to the superstition of the image of this number in the world. His fear was so big that King would never stop writing the page which number is thirteen or visually resembling it.

Alcohol and drug addiction. Kind suffered from alcoholism after his mother's death and was harming himself with cocaine, Valium, Xanax and the like. It was like the remedy for him which, however, did not last for long. We all know that King has succeeded in curing himself which in no way affected his talents.

After the rise of his career as a twisted genius, he was prompted to publish books under the pseudonym to make sure his later works are really great and not just a reputation of his name. The names of Richard Bachman and John Swithen have been his masks to prove the theory. However, his writing style was quickly recognized and King played a bit with his pseudonyms killing them and dedicating them his next books.

The car crush was one of the accidents in his life and affected his sitting and writing. As the King stated, he has bought the van, that hit him in hope to smash it himself or sell it to charity where they can do the same. Not the most forgiving method but the shattered hip a collapsed right lung and other injuries speak for themselves.

The Works' Peculiarities

  1. "IT". Right after its publishing the book has become the number one bestseller and the image of clown still makes us nervously look around. The funny clown has become a tool for terrifying children, isn't it worth reading?
  2. "The shining". The true terror in its primary form is introduced here. The main character Jack and his odds will never make you feel bored.
  3. "Carrey". No list of works of Stephen King will be presented without this masterpiece. It was his first success after his wife has made him to publish it. A girl with supernatural gifts having a revenge on her classmates - I doubt there is more fascinating story than this one. However, the presence of terror is disputable here. King says he had inspiration from the situation which he was told about a girl, who was mocked at school and especially in the girls' locker room when she had periods for the first time. Add supernatural gift here and get a story worth million dollars.
  4. "Pet Sematary". A zombie pet? Well, why not? A few more deaths of other species and the center of everything is the issue of death and our attitude to it. A story to admire and muse on. Oh, and be scared stiff.

Those are only a few works of the great writer of fear, all in all, King has written five books of nonfiction, 55 novels, seven novellas, 11 short story collections and a few writings can cannot even be categorized completely. Each of them deserves to be mentioned, each one can tell you some story and if the motif of dark world allures you, welcome to explore the world of King.

King's Three Types of Terror Explanation


Who else will speak of terror if not the kind of terror? The writer has pointed out three types like stages, which a person may come through:

  • The gross-out. It is a feeling of uncovered fear that has physical presence. Set down in the known circumstances that can have an outer effect on you;
  • The horror. The unnatural image of unordinary scary things like walking dead or mutants behind your back;
  • Terror. The worst one, it is also the most implicit one, which makes it even scarier. The absence of the reason of your fear but sensing it persistently will drive crazy each and every one.

All book titles, character names and pseudonyms that the writer chose were not random. All of them have some history, all of them can tell you something more that their definition.

His works defy easy explanations. Not always comprehend, but always making blood freeze in veins. King knows how to impress. He knows how to scare stiff. So, let's answer the most important question: why is he so popular? The horror movies and books have always been something that makes us come out of the reality and dive into something scary but alluring. King has mastered the art of making fear a masterpiece and that is why we give him place number one in this category.

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