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Paper Book vs Electronic One. Part 2

Paper Book vs Electronic Book

Electronic books hide kinesthetic signals, and this is another reason why so many students were disappointed by the eBook. When students do not create cognitive maps that they can rely on, the information retrieval process takes significantly longer, reducing mental resources for other tasks. Also, there is a decrease in the desired level of productivity. Of course, you can provide eBooks with tools such as scroll and progress bars that can help in creating a cognitive map, but it is unlikely that the digital book will ever be able to provide a rich and intuitive set of physical signals that the printed book gives.

Paper Book vs Electronic One. Part 1

Paper Book vs Electronic Book

Today the whole world is seriously discussing the issue of the transition of the educational process to electronic textbooks. Various advantages and disadvantages of introducing electronic textbooks are discussed. But, as always happens, they forget to ask the end users of these remarkable technological innovations – do they need it?

Source of Strength to Complete Your Studies. Part 1

Studying Tumblr

Surely, you know people who manage to learn easily and simply. At the same time, your friends do not have any super-abilities in terms of writing essays or studying in general. However, they manage to cope with all their difficulties without much hassle. What is their secret? How can you facilitate your studies? What is the effect of the lever, and how can the lever make your life easier? We will tell you all about this in this article.

An Abstract. To Write or Not to Write


Each student should write an abstract. This is one of the main responsibilities of the students. This is their job if you want. However, it often happens that young people cannot catch a meaning of lecturer, because of what their notes look like a set of incoherent passages of phrases.

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