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Blog - Page 4

How to Become Friends with Your Parents?

Teenagers and Parents

For many teenagers, their family is the main priority in their life because they do everything possible to keep close relationships with parents and other relatives. However, another part of the young people is not very attentive to it and thinks that it is not real to become good friends with their parents. Arguments against such a friendship are different: for example, a big generation gap, no common hobbies or interests, and so on.

How to Save School Friendship Forever?

Students on Campus

Probably, everyone has some best friends at school with whom all the fun memories are connected. In the most cases, we expect this kind of friendship to be long-lasting: sometimes, teenagers hope to stay in such relationship during the whole life. However, it rarely happens that the real life has the same trajectory as we want it to be. It is a common situation when students, after enrolling a college, forget about their school friends by the spring. Of course, they may find some new buddies on campus. Nevertheless, these people cannot replace your school friends, whom you know since the very young age.

How Have Smartphones Improved Our Life?

Person Using Smartphone

It is true that an ordinary young person cannot imagine his or her life without a smartphone. There are many myths about them as well. There is no wonder that most of them are false. “Smart” gadgets have some truly significant benefits, which make a life of a modern person much more comfortable and enjoyable. Probably, almost every single student will agree with this statement. Only some of them can spend at least a day without their cell phones and they will definitely feel boredom and sadness.

The Harsh Reality: Bittersweet Fraud in Human Life


Our life is very hypocritical. We get used to cheating since early childhood. “White lie”, fear, uncertainty – everything makes us tell lies, deceive and conceal. Student life is full of violent challenges and trials. You are supposed to be studying and writing essays around the clock and still remember everything. In this way, there is a great temptation to forget everything and fall asleep just for a while.

Paper Book vs Electronic One. Part 3

Advantages and Disadvantages

Most recently, the rapid death of paper books was considered an almost fait accompli. However, time goes on, book publishing is still just the same, bookstore shelves are not empty, public libraries are not closed. What went wrong? Why are the pages that smell of printing ink still lovely to our heart? Why are they preferable for people of all generations – from students preparing for the exam, to adults who are fond of fiction?

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