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Think About It Now. Information for Reflection

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So, the student life comes to its logical conclusion, and the diploma project is 90% ready. Some inner mandibles begin, but not so much from the coming defense, as from the adult life, which will follow then. It is time to seriously think about what is next, how to arrange your destiny. There are many thoughts and we will try to systematize them.

Diploma Project – the End of Student Life or the Beginning of Adulthood

Already in the fourth year, the student is frightened by conversations about the forthcoming diploma. In fact, this is the main goal of the students and the reason what was so much time was spent for. The diploma reflects all the practical skills and theoretical knowledge gained within the walls of the university for a long 5 years. Each student has every chance to prepare, prove themselves and get the highest grade as a well-deserved reward.

At the end of the fourth year, all the student's thoughts are only about frightening suspense and diploma, but it is also important to finish the year of study with dignity. This is a serious task, all the more, many university students are considering the issue of receiving a scholarship.

So, before the end of the fourth year, it is desirable to postpone thoughts about the diploma and closely come to your senses. Warm months May and June promise to be hot, because the session does not allow anyone to relax.

The student must solve the following tasks in order to be worthy to pass to the status of "fifth year student" and "graduate of the university":

  • To pass the session perfectly;
  • To receive a scholarship;
  • To pass practice;
  • To determine the theme of the diploma project;
  • To have a clear idea of what awaits the students in their fifth year.

These thoughts are the first to visit the head of the person on the verge of becoming a fifth-year student. Then, of course, the diploma will take away peace not for a single day and make the fifth-year nights sleepless. It will be later, but it is necessary to think about writing it today.

Practice – a New Experience and an Opportunity to Prove Yourself

After the fourth year, the student does not expect summer entertainment, but practice. This is the gradual approach to the diploma, as the topic is to be mastered in the practice process.

Therefore, it is required to take special responsibility to choose the place of summer work, determine the head of practice and delve, delve, delve into the theme! Perhaps, the last is the most important, because the final result depends on the student's awareness and persistence.

So, it is required to think about practice today. To do this, it is timely to apply to the department or to the dean's office, decide on the head, and agree with him or her on the topic of the future diploma project.

It is better to take care of such organizational arrangements even at the very beginning of the spring semester, so that later not to agree to practice "anywhere".

Practice is exact work for the student, so you should come there in time while showing activity and dedication, to perform the functions of the so-called "spy" in the workplace.

After all, it turns out that students of universities are engaged in collecting valuable information for the fifth year and the upcoming diploma during the period of practice. The more valuable information is received, the easier it is to turn the diploma project into a true masterpiece and an object of admiration for the teaching staff.

The head of practice should become a mentor and teacher, it is important to focus on all of his or her words and recommendations.

If they ask questions, they do it for a certain reason. The information obtained will be useful and relevant in the fifth year, and this must be considered today. The preparations for the diploma should be done in advance, otherwise, priceless time will be lost.

Summer Work Is a Step Towards an Adult and Independent Life

You can think about part-time employment as early as today since spending cannot be avoided anyway in the summer. It is recommended beginning to look through vacancies in the spring and look for the seasonal work.

Currently, students can work as promoters, couriers, waiters, sales consultants or helpers in the kitchen.

The work during the study is very difficult, it is generally impossible during the session, but in the summer, you can work hard for the benefit of society and your own budget. It is better to take care of the partial employment in advance, so as not to spend your free time idle.

Some students work even during their studies. In some places, a completely different trend is observed –  university students prefer to walk, have fun, but then they experience tangible financial difficulties and rely on material support from their parents.

An excellent option – to work in the specialty in the summer. In such a popular way, you chase several hares at the same time: earn money, gain experience in the future profession, get independence from the parent's wallet.

So it does not hurt to consult already today with the curator of the academic group regarding summer employment, or to use long-standing ties of your parents. If both options are not suitable, the student does not interfere with coming to the personnel department of a suitable enterprise and asking for seasonal work. What if suddenly you will be lucky?

Future Profession: So Close and Exciting

When a student overcomes the traditional "equator", it is a sign that half of the way at the university has already been passed. And this means that the status of a young specialist is just around the corner. This is a frightening reality, which many students of higher education institutions try to avoid as long as possible, but in vain.

It is important not only to get a diploma and have at least a vague image of your profession, but also to find a job, start your career advancement. This is what every student should think about starting with the fourth year.

You should prepare gradually for the forthcoming work: first, to adjust morally to adulthood, and then start to monitor different vacancies that can be offered to a young specialist.

This is important since the first place of work forms love and interest with your specialty, or, on the contrary, opens your eyes to the fact that you have not studied the right thing all these years. The second option is not suitable, because time cannot be reversed anyway, so you will have to adjust to a new life.

To ensure that the period of adjustment at the first workplace has passed unnoticed and painless, it is necessary to take care of this in the student time. Everything will depend on how well you learn.

Of course, many may object that some employers do not even look at the average grade. But do not count on it. Do you not want to risk your chances of getting a decent job? So, it is necessary to think seriously about your future work and income today.

Resume Writing – Another Path to Adulthood

So, the defense of the diploma is approaching, and it is the last summer of students before it, full of stresses and feelings about the upcoming job placement in the specialty.

While there is free time in the fifth year, and thoughts are not overwhelmed by the search for work, it is time to write a resume – for the future, so to speak. Such a document is a kind of a start in life, therefore, it is necessary to treat it with utmost care and responsibility.

In the resume, most employers pay special attention to the point, which reflects the experience of the potential employee. So even an inexperienced specialist should not leave it unfilled – it immediately catches the eye, moreover, there is always something to write.

Alternatively, it can be valuable information about practical activities in the process of studying, participating in projects and competitions, obtaining letters of appreciation and gratitude.

In addition, it is allowed to describe practice while adding a few words about social activities. Here the experience of work is colorfully described – by the way, it is also significant achievements.

If the graduate of the university plans to start the career in the summer after defending the diploma project, then it is better to send out a resume to potential employers in advance – in the spring. Do not expect a quick response, and the search for the first job is not always crowned with a swift result and mind-boggling salary.

You will have to work hard to make you be noticed. Surely, you want one to appreciate your aspiration and assertiveness. If the graduate plans to relax after the diploma, then the resume can be sent already in June.

You Should Also Be Able to Have a Good Rest

So, after the long-awaited defense of the diploma, the student is escorted by the walls of the university, which has become his or her second home for long five years. Do not worry and meet new life not with tragic tears in your eyes, but with enchanting sparks so that later you can remember it with a touching smile on your lips.

Therefore, fifth-year students should plan their graduation party in advance, arrange a real holiday and have fun.

Think better together, especially since there are plenty of options for the grandiose graduation party of the academic group. However, such thoughts should not clog your head around the clock, otherwise, something can go wrong on the defense of the diploma project.

In all things, it is important to know the measure while not forgetting for a moment the goals and the priorities that were set out in the first year. So, all five-year students have something to think about today and act tomorrow!

From this article, you learned about those points that should be considered by the graduate of the university in advance. We hope that our advice will help you to enter adulthood with ease. Good luck!

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