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Blog - Page 7

I Leave My Studies! Or Psychology of the Heartsick. Part 1


Many people are puzzled by the question of why students leave the university, depriving themselves of a unique opportunity to get a higher education. Try for a moment to think about what is happening: after getting a start in life and becoming a freshman, the student for some reason loses interest in studying and further prospects. It is very difficult to answer this question, because, as you know, "the soul of another is a dark place". And, nevertheless, from personal observations, we still managed to determine those reasons that often come on the way to the coveted diploma.

Most Successful People Are Minimalists


Come on, spill it out: do you have tons of unnecessary things in your room that you usually treat as your “souvenirs” or hope to use in the nearest future (that will never come)? Congratulations, you are in my team. We call ourselves “creative people”, others call us “messy hipsters”. So, who are they, those, who need minimum of stuff to live happily ever after?

Ways to Get Your Musical Taste Significantly Improved

Listening to Music

I bet you are listening to your own playlist and feel like no one has it better formed than you? Am I right? Or, maybe, you always offer your friends the bands you like assuring them there is nothing better and more professional than your music taste. Which one is about you? The first or the second option? Or maybe both?

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